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Photo by Tom Barrett on Unsplash

and standing here in front of you i wish
i could tell you how
missing you was never the silent type of,
3am longing the muted, hushed dark
and missing you was never secretive,

missing you was the way i’d learnt to turn to my left
whenever i walked on…

A 2am productivity fail

Photo by Rene Böhmer on Unsplash

so you find yourself pulling yourself together with
already broken pieces of tape,
sticky residue over your
tired fingers as you
shakily compose yourself.

breathe, just breathe,
but all that you inhale is
the sickly scent of your sweat
culminating with the tears of
anguish, hatred and failure,

and so…

Photo by Johannes Roth on Unsplash

Do you know what the scariest part about a memory is?
It took me eighteen years of living, breathing, going through the motions, collecting experiences, hating you and hating me to come to this conclusion.

Memory doesn’t exist unless two people talk about it.
Unless the two people in that…

The feeling of talking to someone knowing you’d most likely never see them again.

Photo by Tobias Reich on Unsplash

i don’t know you.
that was stupidly enough, the very first thing i had thought when you approached me because you saw how upset i looked, drowning in my own misery on midnight, sitting by the park benches

“does he know?” i thought again. does he know that i was…

Photo by Conor Luddy on Unsplash

Funny how I can go from completely forgetting you exist
To sobbing in the middle of a bathroom stall at a bloody packed mall
All because I wanted to get a new pair of jeans,
And amidst the trashy disco pop and
The managers yelling,
Amidst the piles of clothes and people,
all I could…

2am rambles

Photo by Guillermo Ferla on Unsplash

Nothing really matters, the human endeavour is inherently pointless. Footprints wash away with every wave, we will leave no legacy but
ones that kill the earth.

In the vast expanse of the universe, we contribute nothing to this blue marble. When there is no point to the creation…


gen z writer, an (un)motivated film student and an introverted nerd.

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